Afloat on the Dutch waterways
Afloat on the Dutch waterways

Afloat on the Dutch waterways

Documenting a life-changing journey

Life changed for the author and her husband when they left behind their active and competitive sailing life in the tropics. Time spent afloat in Europe, pausing at will, brought rich rewards and led to the production of this book - a reflection of their interest in culture and nature as seen from the deck of their steel motor yacht a Linssen Grand Sturdy 410.

A welcome addition to any nautical bookshelf

This book gives the reader a tempting insight into the delights of travelling "in the slow lane" along the canals, rivers, and waterways of Holland where over 5,000 miles of navigable water routes are available to those who explore this delightful country.

Freed from the noise and pollution of travel by road or rail, and the frustrations of journeys where time is of the essence, the author and her husband have spent long hours afloat discovering the hidden treasures that perhaps only those with time to spare may find. Retirement has brought its rich rewards.

Shirley has sought to enliven the 300 sketches and paintings (many of which are in colour) with informative, amusing and lively text.

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