Afloat on the Dutch waterways
Shirley Faure

About Shirley Faure

I always had a love of drawing as a child, but with little time to pursue my interests once career and motherhood years arrived, it was not until my husband and I retired to the U.K. after over twenty years in the Far East, that I could allow time to pursue painting and drawing as a serious hobby.

Learning the ropes as a painter

With no formal training, I studied some helpful books on water colour painting, watched a few videos made by contemporary artists whose style appealed to me, was given a new paintbox and took it away on holiday!

The rest, one might say, has become history!

I joined the local art societies, won several drawing and painting awards, exhibited in London, and began to sell my work. I now have pictures in private collections in Australia, the Far East, America, France, Holland and Austria.

Much of my recent work features local Sussex landscape, and flower studies. A few examples of this may be seen on the Gallery page.

Shirley Faure
Chichester, 2007